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Here is a list of the currently active committees of the Sacramento Taxpayers Association. Participants do not have to be a Association member to participate in committees. Meetings are typically held 2-4 times a year, with results presented later at a Association Board meeting. For more specific information on a particular committee, call 399-5600 and ask for the executive director.

Dues/Membership Committee
Committee Chair - David Peters

Develops outreach programs to increase the membership base. Includes print components as well as the Association Website and Facebook account. This includes looking at other small business marketing programs in the region, and other taxpayer organizations outreach programs from around the state. On occasion the Dues/Membership group will also evaluate the Associationís dues structure, making recommendations for changes/modifications to the full Board of Directors.

Meets twice a year.

Education Committee
Committee Chair - Mel Griffin

Primary focus is on evaluating the effectiveness and legality of school districts spending of taxpayer approved bond dollars. Each school district is required by law (Prop 39, Nov 2000) to set up a citizens bond oversight committee (BOC), to review expenditures and make sure the bond funds are used only for construction, rehabilitation, or replacement of school facilities. Prop 39 bond funds cannot be used for teachers or administrators salaries/benefits.

Currently the Taxpayers Association has a representative on the following BOCís; Los Rios Community College District, Sacramento City Unified School District, San Juan School District, and Twin Rivers School District.

Meets on an as needed basis

Pensions/Benefits Committee
Committee Chair - Marcia Fritz

Reviews Sacramento City and County expenditures on current and past general fund budgets. Develops opposition positions to any increases above the CPI index for current public employees, and supports the concept of higher public employee contributions. Supports concept of taking back public employee giveaways that cannot be funded with current and

future revenue sources. Opposed to pension spiking that provides retirement benefits higher than actual working wages.

Meets twice a year.

Political Action Committee
Committee Chair - Ken Payne

Evaluates methods to increase the Taxpayers Associations presence and effectiveness in the community. This is accomplished by meetings with individual leaders, speaking at community events, and researching current political issues. Past presidents of the Taxpayers Association serve as advisors to the group

Meets on an as needed basis

Redevelopment Committee
Committee Chair - Craig Powell

Evaluate the actual return on investments to the taxpayers of the various local redevelopment projects. Monitor the role of SHRA (Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency) in the redevelopment process; meetings structure, governing board, criteria for selection of redevelopment locations. Supports Governor Brownís efforts to eliminate redevelopment agencies, but to maintain the necessary ability to repay issued bonds.

Meets 3-4 times a year

Transportation Committee
Committee Chair - Bob Blymer

Evaluate community projects and types of financing programs, and how they impact community growth. This includes bicycles, roadways, public transit and railroads. Analysis includes not only the movement of people, but also movement of freight within the region. In addition there is some overlap with land use planning. The Associationalso has a large library on transit history, both locally and nationally.

Meets twice a year

Utilities Committee
Committee Chair - Craig Powell

Evaluate city and county utility programs; fees for services, cost containment programs, long range plans, financial structures, local regulations and state/fed mandated requirements, and salary/pension/benefit impacts. Utilities have become a hot issue over the last couple of years;

partially from scandals that plagued the City Utility Department in 2007-08, and the effort to rollback City utility rates last year by Association VP Craig Powell. The Taxpayers Association has followed utility issues for several decades and maintains a large library of local/regional utility decisions and community impacts.

Meets twice a year

Water/Sewer Committee
Committee Chair - Ken Payne

Evaluate local/regional water programs, and their relationship to statewide water needs. This includes water storage, water distribution and water quality, plus some legislative history on water issues over the last four decades. The Taxpayers Association participated in the very successful Water Forum Agreement in 2000, and has been a long time supporter of the Auburn Dam Council. The Associationmaintains a large library on local and statewide water history, plus has a complete history of the Auburn Dam project.

Meets on an as needed basis.




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